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The magazine is distinguished by the presence of a wide base of arbitrators from various Egyptian, Arab and international universities. Which had a great impact on enriching the journal’s research arbitration process, working to advance scientific research and developing research efficiency to serve the researcher on the one hand, and raise the level of research published in the journal on the other hand.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, 2020, Pages 1-87 

1. Assessment of Surface Water Quality in the Damietta Branch of Nile River, Egypt

Pages 1-12

Ibrahim H. Smysem; Abdel-Aziz A. Khidr; Mohamed H. Bahnasawy; Mohamed M. El-Komi

2. The impact of different habitats on some C3 and C4 species of poaceae growing in Nile delta

Pages 13-20

Sami H. Rabei; Mamdouh S. Serag; Wesam M.H. Abdallah; Reham M. Nada

6. Niche differentiation of two congeneric Phlomis species in Egypt

Pages 45-57

Abdel-Hamid A. Khedr; Taha M. El-Katony; Khalil M. Saad-Allah; Fatma A. Ahmed; Mohamed I. Kashlana